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Water saving and environmentally friendly steam car washer in shenzhen

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The north road of luohu district treasure a carwash met a water-saving washing equipment, the technology importers - visionbank industry &trade development co., LTD., general manager of shenzhen Lin Guoyou told reporters "a cup of water to wash a car" live demonstration. He put about a cup of water to pour into the machine, on the power, and gas heating. After about three or four minutes, instrument display, reach 6 kg pressure, steam spray gun can spray mist. He picked up the gun start washing a Toyota van. In operation at the same time, he introduces to the reporter: this equipment in addition to water and other raw materials, after washing a car wax can also have effect. After 15 minutes, car wash finished, he used a special piece of cloth clean the whole body (leather). The reporter sees, washed the car light indeed.

Another car showrooms in huaqiang north, reporter saw shenzhen worldwide company independent research and development of another kind of water-saving environmental protection steam car washer. To keep the product technology advanced, up only join the chain of their products. Reporters on the scene to see, this kind of environmental protection in the steam car washer is equipped with a 25 kg of water tank, a full can wash the car about 15 units, use energy as fuel gas, and mobility assignments to rent a large operation sites, operation cost is very low.

In an interview with reporters learned that water-saving washing machine is not only popular in shenzhen, other large and medium cities are very positive. According to the shenzhen company's assistant general manager wang, the Beijing municipal government through gas type steam car washer, the Internet has passed in deep office to contact them, have intention to bring the project into Beijing, the 2008 Olympic Games.

Wang told reporters, water-saving washing equipment investment is small, low cost, water saving effect is obvious, very suitable for car wash field use. Wang put water-saving environmental protection steam car washer compared with traditional washing machine, calculate a economic general ledger, estimates that investors can recover the cost of a year.

Traditional water cannon, he says, car wash, water is about 0.2 tons per car, water 1.5 yuan, about 0.5 degrees, electricity charge 0.44 yuan. According to car wash every day 200, 30 working days each month, monthly water fee, electricity, 2640 yuan, 9000 yuan plus workers pay 8400 yuan (calculated on seven people, 1200 yuan per person), the rent 2000 yuan and site staff housing, living expenses, detergent, spending, and tax, etc., after the rate increases, carwash cost more than $40000 a month. And after the use of water-saving equipment, each 2 kg washing with water, only about 1% of the high pressure water gun washing water, is also a car wash every day 200, a month's worth of car wash water just 12 tons, water price 90 yuan, water cost is negligible. A bottle of 15 kg gas can wash the car 142 vehicles, gas prices are similar to traditional electricity price for washing. In the human under the condition of invariable, venues and other costs, water-saving washing water only a, compared with the conventional car wash can save nearly $9000 a month, in this way, the total cost of $30000 a month or so. Such as a car wash field to purchase 4 sets of water-saving washing equipment, each sold for 30000 yuan, after the use of water-saving equipment, used to save money, 1 year to recover the investment.


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